Why Choose School Direct?

From the first day in September, trainees are fully immersed in school life, enabling them to become an integral part of the teaching team and quickly form strong relationships with colleagues, pupils and parents/carers.

By spending the majority of the year in one school - their main placement school- they will be able to: 

  • observe expert practitioners on a daily basis
  • develop and build upon subject knowledge
  • observe how children develop and progress across an academic year
  • gain practical experience of formal assessment procedures
  • refine classroom organisation (routines and expectations)
  • develop a wide repertoire of behaviour management strategies
  • learn how to communicate effectively with parents/carers
  • experience ALL aspects of the teaching role 
  • become fully immersed in the life of the school 

We believe that nothing prepares trainees better for their first teaching position.

Here's what some of our newly qualified teachers say:  

"Being able to spend so much time in the classroom has been very beneficial. It has prepared me well and has given me an insight into the type of teacher I want to be." Former trainee

"I have been involved in all aspects of school life and the transition from observing experienced teachers to teaching an increasing timetable myself has enabled me to gain confidence in the classroom over a period of time, which in turn has given me the confidence to lead my own class as a newly qualified teaacher." Former Trainee

A day in the life of a teacher (DfE Get Into Teaching)

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