University-led Learning

Why study for a PGCE?

We are committed to attracting the highest calibre of candidates into the profession who share a passion for life-long learning, both for themselves and the children they teach.  We also believe that educational research plays a significant contribution in the development of pedagogical knowledge and understanding. Ensuring our trainees engage with a wide range of reserach and the best available evidence, enables them to plan and deliver lessons of the highest quality, leading to outstanding outcomes for both trainees and pupils.

About the PGCE

BMITTC currently works in collaboration with the University of Buckingham, to offer a Level 7 PGCE (carrying 60 Masters' level credits).

During the course of the year, trainees complete a range of modules, including three written assignments.  These modules complement our core curriculum and support trainees' progress towards the Teachers' Standards. They are aimed at developing classroom practice through research-led learning and reflective teaching.  

The PGCE workshops are led by a senior colleague from the Campfire Education Trust but the assignments are marked by the University. By delivering the sessions ourselves, but working in close partnership with the University, we believe that trainees enjoy the best of both worlds, in that they:

  • gain a PGCE from a local University with a very reputable School of Education‚Äč
  • are able to access university facilities, such as the library and the university's wellbeing and support facilities - all local to Buckingham
  • complete modules that support progress towards the Teachers’ Standards, contributing to their development within the classroom


Whilst at the same time:

  • benefit from PGCE workshops being delivered and managed with the same quality and attention to detail as all other elements of our training programme
  • receive the same level of support with the PGCE as the QTS elements of the course



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