Our Training Programme

The training offered by Bourton Meadow is of the highest quality. It has two key strengths, which remain at the heart of what we do:

  • A high percentage of the training is practical, enabling trainees to gain relevant experience in the classroom - either by observing outstanding teachers across the partnership or by putting their learning into practice themselves, under the careful guidance of experienced and supportive teacher tutors.


  • The training programme is personalised. Fortnightly self evaluations and personalised developmental targets ensure that the training is tailored to meet the individual needs of trainees so that outstanding progress is made by all.  

There are three main elements to the training programme:

  • School-based training
  • Centre-based (core) training
  • Academic Study (QTS Assignments / PGCE)

"A key strength is the excellent centre-based training and outstanding school-based training in behaviour management, the teaching of phonics, writing, mathematics and in developing trainees' understanding of the new primary curriculum." Ofsted 2014


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