Support & Guidance

Embarking on a teaching career is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. However, at times, we know it can be challenging.  At Bourton Meadow, trainees will be fully supported through the whole process.  

An important aspect of our training programme - that was recognised by Ofsted in our inspection and makes us quite unique - is the fortnigthly visits from a training manager. These visits take place within school, enabling both the trainee and their teacher tutor to be well-supported. The same training manager will respond quickly to any queries that arise in between visits, helping us to maintain outstanding communication.

"My Training Manager kept me on track throughout the year with achievable targets and constructive feedback, allowing me to improve and build upon my experiences." 

"I did not have any school experience prior to starting the course so was very anxious about whether I was going to be able to achieve what was expected.  I very quickly realised that the support was there and I was able to learn so much and become very confident in my own teaching ability." Former Trainee

Trainees will be given: 

  • an experienced teacher tutor, providing daily support and coaching
  • a school-based mentor giving additional professional and personal support
  • regular opportunities to observe outstanding practice in all subjects across the full primary age range
  • a gradually increasing timetable, enabling them to take on more classroom responsibility and teaching as their confidence and skill level increases
  • a comprehensive programme of core training sessions, covering all areas of the National Curriculum and pedagogical knowledge and understanding. 
  • opportunities to plan and teach collaboratively with their teacher tutor and other colleagues
  • regular and constructive feedback following lesson observations
  • support when completing their fortnightly self evaluations and setting developmental targets to ensure future progress
  • support with the completion and organisation of course-related paperwork including the submission of evidence towards the Teachers' Standards

" A key strength of the primary partnership is the leaders and managers who track trainees' progress exceptionally well because they are constantly in touch with how well trainees are getting on in their school placements and are able to respond immediately to any requests for additional support or training sessions with innovative and effective programmes." Ofsted, 2014


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