School Based Training

As School Direct is a school-based initial teacher training programme, the vast majority of the training takes place in schools.  Each trainee will be given a range of placements across the partnership.
Main Placement: This is the school in which the trainee will spend most of their time throughout the year.  Full-time trainees will be working in their placement school four days a week (Monday – Thursday). By remaining with the same class for the majority of the year, trainees develop a secure understanding of pupils' progress over time, how this is tracked and used to inform future teaching. 
Second Placement: This usually takes place in the first half of the spring term  and gives trainees an opportunity to experience a different setting and key stage. 
In both the main and second placements, trainees will work very closely alongside an experienced teacher tutor who demonstrates excellent practice and can provide daily coaching and support.
Enhancement Visits: These visits are built into our core training programme so that trainees are given regular opportunity to spend time in different schools and settings, enabling them teach in a wide range of contexts. Enhancement visits focus on specific areas such as behaviour management, Pupil Premium, Special Educational Needs (SEND) and transition from KS2 to KS3.  However, in support of our personalised training programme, training managers can arrange additional visits, if a trainee has a specific interest they would like to pursue. 

"The placements have been varied and offered a breadth of experience across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2."  Former Trainee

"‚ÄčI really enjoyed being immersed in the school and spending so much time in a class setting." Former Trainee

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