Fundamental Skills in maths and English

Applicants commencing a teacher training programme after 1st April 2020 are no longer required to sit the literacy and numeracy professional skills tests. 

However, good subject knowledge is key to effective teaching so providers are required to ensure that all trainees being awarded with QTS have fundamental skills in maths and English.   

Trainees will therefore complete a series of tasks during our selection process to assess their current subject knowledge and their capacity to gain the required knowledge and skills before the end of the training programme. Once they have accepted a conditional offer, trainees will also be required to engage with an online maths programme called 'Elevate My Maths' to help them identify and address any gaps in their subject knowledge, prior to the award of QTS. 

Fundamental Skills in English:

All trainees must be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

Speaking, listening and communicating e.g.

  • use standard English grammar, clear pronunciation and vocabulary relevant to the situation to convey instructions, questions, information, concepts and ideas with clarity
  • read fluently and with good understanding
  • write clearly, accurately, legibly and coherently using correct spelling and punctuation

Fundamental skills in maths

All trainees must be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • use data and graphs to interpret information, identify patterns and trends and draw appropriate conclusions
  • interpret pupil data and understand statistics and graphs in the news, academic reports and relevant papers
  • complete mathematical calculations fluently with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages
  • solve mathematical problems using a variety of methods and approaches including: estimating and rounding, sense checking answers, breaking down problems into simpler steps and explaining and justifying answers using appropriate language

Trainees who are unable to demonstrate proficiency in these skills by the end of the year will not be recommended for QTS at the end of the programme.

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