Personalised Training

In the early stages of the course, trainees are encouraged to complete a needs analysis in which they identify their existing knowledge and skillset and areas for future development. Building on this initial assessment, training managers continue to work alongside trainees, and their teacher tutor, to address these areas for development  and set individualised developmental targets. The progress of each trainee will be reviewed informally by the teacher tutor and training manager at their regular meetings and new developmental targets will be set, as appropriate.

The training managers will be responsible for providing additional support and guidance to help the trainees address any gaps to ensure outstanding progress is made.  This may involve them creating bespoke opportunities for the trainee to observe outstanding practice in the skill or subject that they wish to develop further.  Such observations may take place in a range of schools across the partnership.

"A key strength of the primary partnership is the personalisation of training that adapts to meet the changing needs of every trainee throughout the course." Ofsted, 2014

"A strength of the course was the support given throughout the year and the personal and flexible approach of Training Managers which ensured that every trainee received the best possible training." Former Trainee




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