Our Values

Bourton Meadow ITTC is part of the Campfire Education Trust and we share the same three core values:   

We support & nurture 
We take our trainees’ development, progress and success very seriously. We want them to do well and that means we do everything in our power to support and nurture them - and this continues well beyond the end of the course. Our trainees succeed because we are there with them every step of the way.

We are stronger together 
Education isn’t delivered by just one teacher: it takes a team to educate a child.  Likewise our course isn’t delivered by just one school: we have a network of diverse schools which work together to train our graduates.

We are not afraid to innovate & neither are our trainee teachers 

We want pupils to learn, grow, question and challenge. To this end, our trainees’ own practice will reflect this value: their comprehensive training will keep them at the forefront of education, they will seize opportunities, take risks and try new approaches, equipping them with the skills to teach effectively in a wide range of contexts and settings. Education doesn’t stand still and nor will they.

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