Schools Joining Our Partnership

Why not handpick and train a talented individual to become an outstanding teacher, NQT and future leader within your school?

Or why not support the training of an exceptionally skilled Teaching Assistant who can add to your team of teachers at the end of the year?

School Direct enables you to do just this.  Personalised school-based training, coupled with the excellent training programme offered by BMITTC, generates strong practitioners who are already familiar with your school’s ethos, expectations and routines.

There are two options for Headteachers:

1. Supporting a trainee on School Direct (tuition fee funded route)

These trainees fund their own training via tuition fees and are not employed by the school. They must be supernumerary and supported by an experienced classroom teacher.  Schools receive funding each term to contribute towards their training.

2. Supporting a trainee on School Direct (salaried route)

These trainees are employed by the school on point 1 of the unqualified teachers’ payscale.  They are often the strongest trainees, many with previous school experience, who can really strengthen a teaching team.  They do not have to be supernumerary, although we strongly recommend that they are also supported by an experienced teacher.  There is also an expectation (although no guarantee) that these trainees will be employed by the school beyond their training year. Please note that from September 2021, there will no longer be any salaried grants for primary trainees.

We receive a lot of applications from strong candidates seeking a salaried placement in October and November so schools should approach Helen Byrom, Head of Training at Bourton Meadow Initial Teacher Training Centre, for more information as early as possible, to make the most of this recruitment opportunity. (01280 823374)

Helen Byrom

Head of Training

01280 823374 

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