Core Training

In addition to the school-based training, all trainees will attend weekly core training sessions that will take place in a range of venues across the partnership on Fridays. Core training is delivered by subject specialists and other qualified professionals from within the ITTC Partnership, the LEA and beyond. These sessions provide a coherent programme, closely linked to the Teachers’ Standards but also cover other important issues such as safeguarding, E-Safety and stress management.  The sessions enable trainees to to develop a deeper understanding of key issues and pedagogical thinking by encouraging them to critically reflect on research in relation to their own classroom practice.  

The core training sessions also provide an opportunity for trainees to compare notes with peers working in other schools and share experiences within a supportive environment.

"All speakers were incredibly knowledgeable of their subject and delivered the sessions in an engaging way." Former Trainee

Post Session Tasks

Post session tasks are set by the provider of the core training session and are carried out by trainees in their placement schools.  These tasks help trainees to deepen their understanding of the subject covered, gain further experience through first-hand experience and encourage them to link theory to practice within the wider context of their schools.

"The post-session tasks attached to core training sessions encouraged us to engage in practice which we might not have necessarily encountered otherwise; better preparing us." Former Trainee



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