Benefits of Training With Us

There are many benefits to training with Bourton Meadow.

The most significant benefit, and one which is quite unique to our programme, is the regular school visits by an experienced training manager.  

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding career but it is not an easy one. You will experience lots of positive achievements in your training year, as well as numerous challenges.  The planned and regular support through our face-to-face meetings provides you with the highest level of support. By being with you every step of the way, we can ensure your wellbeing and progress on the course and really personalise the training you receive, to ensure you reach your full potential – both now and in the future.

Other key benefits, many of which were acknowledged through our Ofsted inspection, include:

  • Opportunity to work alongside experienced and skilled practitioners on a daily basis
  • Experienced and supportive teacher tutors, mentors and training managers
  • Large focus on practical experience and application of skills across the full national curriculum
  • Personalised learning to ensure outstanding progress is made by all
  • Instant and regular feedback on your teaching and the impact it’s had on pupil progress Weekly core training sessions delivered by a wide range of subject specialists
  • Flexbility with the training programme, enabling it to be responsive to trainees’ needs


These benefits help to maintain our exceptionally high outcomes. 

"Teacher Tutors report that trainees are exceptionally well prepared for teaching due to the excellent centre-based training they receive." Ofsted, 2014

"All trainees complete the programme demonstrating good levels of attainment in relation to the Teachers' Standards.  A growing number of trainees are reaching outstanding levels of attainment each year.  

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