Benefits of Supporting a Trainee

Whether you choose to support a tuition fee trainee or employ a salaried trainee, there are long-term benefits of both, as it enables Headteachers to:

  • help shape the training that teachers receive to ensure that it equips them with the necessary skills to become outstanding classroom practitioners within their school.
  • strengthen the recruitment of new teachers, by having access to a wide range of high-quality trainees, ready to continue their training as NQTs in your school.
  • benefit from having an additional adult within the classroom, supporting teaching and learning and improving pupil progress.
  • provide opportunities for the trainee or the class teacher to focus on target groups such as SEND, Pupil Premium or other vulnerable groups identified by the school
  • provide opportunities for professional development of colleagues within their school

"As Bourton Meadow is excellent at listening to schools, they have identified school specialisms and developed school training programmes to support key teaching skills and knowledge.  Their programme is ever evolving to meet the needs of their cohort of trainees and the changing landscape in education."  Current partnership Headteacher


"The fortnightly support of the highly effective and competent Training Manager is what the school would consider to be the most significant factor when comparing the progress and success rate of trainees from Bourton Meadow with other providers."  Current partnership Headteacher

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