Trainees are assessed against the Teachers' Standards and their progress towards these standards is reviewed at regular intervals throughout the course. A wide range of evidence is used when making judgements, such as observations, half termly reports, evidence bundles (collated by trainees on a half-termly basis),  assignments and the trainees' own reflections and self-evaluations.

The focus of all assessment activities is developmental - with the clear aim of helping trainees to further improve the quality of their teaching.

A final Assessment takes place in June and will consist of a paired observation, scrutiny of evidence against the Teachers' Standards, a formal interview and a final report from the teacher tutor. 

A detailed and rigorous assessment procedure is in place, which is transparent, understood by all partners and consistently implemented.  It has also been reviewed in line with the government's workload initiative, ensuring that the collection of evidence is both meaningful and manageable and has a positive impact on the progress of trainees.

The innovative use of evidence bundles as a way of collating written evidence against the Standards has been extremely successful and was noted by the external assessor in July 2018 as having had a significant impact on the outcomes of trainees.


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