The assessment of trainees forms an important part of the programme, as it enables trainees to reflect on how well they are mastering the core curriculum and gaining proficiency in fundamental skills in English and maths. Ongoing formative assessments are embedded within the programme, helping trainees to identify their strengths and areas for development at all stages of their training.  

Towards the end of the year, trainees are assessed against the Teachers’ Standards and after demonstrating that they are meeting these requirements, a recommendation is made for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  

All of our assessment processes are underpinned by 6 key aims.

Assessments are:

Transparent: Trainees are actively involved in all assessment processes

Appropriate: Assessments will closely align with the curriculum to ensure that trainees are being judged against appropriate outcomes at each stage of the programme. 

Accurate: Accurate and regular feedback is given on their teaching and progress on the course.

Rigorous: Judgements are based on a wide range of evidence.

Consistent: Assessment criteria are consistently applied across all schools and settings.

Development: The primary focus of our assesssments is to enable trainees to accurately identify strengths and areas for development.

The focus of all assessment activities is developmental - with the clear aim of helping trainees to master the core curriculum and further improve the quality of their teaching.

Our assessment procedure has also been reviewed in line with the government's workload initiative, ensuring that the collection of evidence is both meaningful and manageable and has a positive impact on the progress of trainees.


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