Why Choose School Direct?

Being in school for the whole academic year will enable you to:

  • observe expert practitioners on a daily basis
  • develop and build upon subject knowledge
  • observe how children develop and progress across an academic year
  • gain experience of formal assessment procedures
  • refine classroom organisation (routines and expectations)
  • develop a range of behaviour management strategies
  • learn how to communicate with parents/carers
  • experience ALL aspects of a teaching role 
  • become fully immersed in the life of a teacher from day one

"The course has given me an idea of the workload and daily routine of a teacher, and given me the opportunity to take part in planning, marking, running lessons etc." Former Trainee

"Working within a school gave me a lot of opportunity to have class teacher responsibilities from very early on and to gradually build on these as the year progressed." Former Trainee


Open Evening - 6:00pm- 7:00pm on Monday16th September 2019 at Bourton Meadow Academy.

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