Our Aims

Outcomes for trainees:

  • To develop outstanding teachers who demonstrate excellent pedagogical practice and professional conduct
  • To maintain 100% employment rates for trainees.
  • To ensure that these high outcomes are achieved by all trainees, regardless of their age, sex, ethnic background or schools in which they are trained.


Quality of training across the partnership:

  • To provide outstanding teacher training through practical experience in the primary age range (and Early Years for 2016-17)
  • To support trainees in acquiring strong subject and curriculum knowledge to enable them to teach effectively 
  • To provide a comprehensive core training programme delivering outstanding training in all areas of the National Curriculum
  • To ensure that training is coherent, personalised and responsive to meet the individual needs of trainees
  • To provide high quality complementary placements so that all trainees gain extensive practical experience to enable them to teach effectively in a wide range of settings.
  • To continue to support trainees in their NQT year to ensure their high outcomes are maintained and built upon.
  • To work with in close partnership with Oxford Brookes University to offer a high quality PGCE programme, which enables trainees to develop their classroom practice through research-led learning.

"Placements are of a consistently high quality and there are excellent opportunities for trainees to experience different types of school from small rural faith schools to large urban community schools. The variety of placements also makes sure trainees gain experience of different socio-economic and ethnic communities. " Ofsted 2014

Leadership and management of the partnership:

  • To develop accurate and rigorous assessment techniques to ensure that all trainees are challenged and make outstanding progress
  • To use systematic analysis of data, self-evaluation and feedback to shape future provision and improvements
  • To ensure that all leaders and managers focus relentlessly on continually improving the quality of provision and outcomes for trainees 
  • To encourage all schools and colleagues to be influential in shaping the provision and to be involved in the recruitment and selection process and the strategic leadership and management of the ITE partnership
  • To develop rigorous selection procedures, ensuring that the best possible trainees are recruited who have a strong aptitude for teaching and learning and the potential to become outstanding practitioners

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