Reflective-Based Assignments

PGCE Courses:

Trainees on a route leading to a PGCE with QTS will complete two assignments set and marked by Oxford Brookes University which will closely link and build upon the content of the PGCE seminars and workshops. Whilst these assignments will encourage in-depth research, the focus will remain on improving and developing classroom practice.

QTS Courses:

Trainees on a route leading to QTS only (e.g Not a PGCE) will be set three assignments by Bourton Meadow ITTC.

These assignments enable trainees to question their preconceptions about teaching and learning and to develop, articulate and rationally defend their pedagogical thinking and practice.  To achieve this, all assignments will need to be informed by relevant research and professional knowledge (which will require reading of the relevant literature) and be grounded in analysis of school-based experience.  The assignments, if completed successfully, will also provide evidence of progress against the Teachers’ Standards.


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