Benefits of Training With Us

There are many benefits to training with Bourton Meadow:

  • Outstanding training programme
  • Opportunity to observe outstanding teachers on a regular basis
  • Experienced and supportive teacher tutors, mentors and training managers, many of whom have trained through Bourton Meadow
  • Large focus on practical experience and application of skills
  • Personalised learning to ensure outstanding progress is made by all

 "A key strength is the personalisation of training that adapts to meet the changing needs of every trainee throughout the course." Ofsted, 2014

  • Instant and regular feedback from an experienced teacher tutor following lesson observations

"A strength of the course is how well the observation of teaching is used to improve trainees' teaching skills.  These include many informal observations of the trainee, a formal observation every two weeks, and an exceptional number of opportunities given to trainees to observe outstanding teachers across the partnership."  Ofsted, 2014

  • Fornightly meetings with an experienced training manager from BMA
  • Continual process of self-evaluation – feeding into individual developmental targets
  • Where appropriate, specific training opportunities created to assist trainees in meeting these targets
  • Flexibility with the core training programme, enabling it to be responsive to trainees’ needs

"Teacher Tutors report that trainees are exceptionally well prepared for teaching due to the excellent centre-based training they receive." Ofsted, 2014

  • Enhancement visits providing opportunity to gain greater experience in specialist areas such as Special Educational Needs (SEND), behaviour management and transition from KS2 to KS3
  • Large partnership, covering a range of areas within North Buckinghamshire, enabling you to gain experience of a wide range of schools.
  • Excellent employment opportunities across the partnership at the end of your training year. Currently 100% employment rates.
  • Rapid career progression

"All trainees complete the programme demonstrating good levels of attainment in relation to the Teachers' Standards.  A growing number of trainees are reaching outstanding levels of attainment each year.  In 2012/13, 50% of trainees achieved an outstanding grade."  Ofsted, 2014

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